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the outside

reposting this here, original post date 15 april 2020:

we got used to not missin the Outside quicker than we expected. memes about lockdown dementia flooded feeds until everyone was desensitized to them. it was a transition that had been happening for some years already so even tho many resented it, it made sense. some missed it, but we missed it like u miss something u never rly experienced. prosthetic nostalgia. most of our lives lived thru dissociatin into screens, we got used to it being our dominant reality. media feedin the hope of going Outside again firing Outside cgi pics directly at the optic nerve to keep productivity at bay, but deep down everyone had already complied. even those who swore against compliance were too entertained in pointless roleplaying to be of any relevance. or their supplies were shut down in the first year, leavin them to rot away in silence.

#isolation #outsideness #covidcore

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