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the male gaze trained AI representation of lesbianism

for an album i released recently, i was trying to go with a lesbian bio-mechanical orgy/symbiosis theme and i wanted the art to be abstract but evocative in the way that AI generated imagery tends to be.

i tried to use the most recent engine that everyone has been turning into a new wave of memes but it was perpetually saturated so i decided to go w the classic that i've used before.

The issue with AI generated imagery is that they usually feed from widely unfiltered data and this can result in enforcing biases and bigotry when dealing with marginalized identities. this is something most developers take in mind but regardless of their efforts on moderating this content it usually seeps thru.

naive as i sometimes am and aware of this issue it was shocking to me that everytime i wrote the word lesbian on the prompt it generated art that was always evocative of porn. didnt matter if it was in a sexual sentence or not, for example i tried generating "lesbian picnic" and even tho the setting was picnic-ish, the ammalgam of naked bodies definetly confirmed my suspicion. no matter what modifiers i added the result was always very similar.

i came to realize that this was of course a reflection of the data representing lesbian identities and bodies online. that it didnt matter we flooded the wired with representations that honoured ourselves, the overwhelming majority was porn. and thats what the AI bounced back.

now, we can discuss wether or not the imagery is generated with porn that was made to satisfy the male gaze but that discussion has been ongoing for years already, the erotic content online is made to satisfy mens sexual urges most of the time and thats pretty much a fact. and not only lesbians arent the exception but the obsession that men have with objectifying lesbians for their own sexual gratification is obvious. this post doesnt seek to prove it tho so draw your own conclusions.

most of us have been exposed to this content and i dont want to come across as a puritan but the intention feels pretty clear most of time and thats what stayed with me after generating the images. i looked at it and realized almost instantly.

#lesbians #memetic studies #propaganda

- 4 toasts