princesa cyborg

factory model

can you tell im not a factory model? she asked, the cracks of uncertainty adorning her synthetically warm voice. i thought about it for a sec. i of course could tell, but it had more to do with her being like me more than anything else, is not like it was evident. was it because i knew were to look? maybe, but that was a seriously harmful thought. to her, me and all of us. we just could tell, we could pick us apart from a crowd easily and thats just how it was. our survival depended on it. I knew what she was asking tho, and all my speculations were beyond the point. is not if I could tell, is if They could tell. i was sure they couldnt. many of them were oblivious to our existence, even. I knew she was nervous about asking me for the way i looked. my modifications were Very evident, not just out of a statement but also as a projection of the precarity around us. maybe she was nervous because she thought i was going to judge her?

#gynoids #lesbians #isolation

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