princesa cyborg

about memes and internet addcition

ive come to terms that im addicted to the internet and the constant data stream flare and that my brain is probably rotten bc of it so like with all adicctions ive been trying to do some harm reduction. limit my access and my dependance socially but also i gotta have an input but most importantly an output. so ive been having these short scrolling binges where i select stuff and send it to myself and later like once a week or ideally every too weeks i download it all and make a huge meme dump on instagram, like 6 posts, last i made was like 11 posts in a row. so my criteria is i begin uploading memes randomly in an order i created subconsciously when selecting previously to not over analize it but trying to find a loose narrative to ease off my mind and make sense of it, re arranging them to pull this narrative thru and accomodate it. theres the belief that we as humans are pattern seeking creatures so it probably has to be along that path. i start thinking that the tarot works this way, by juxtaposing archetypal images in a meaningful map, usually a timeline, and decrypting a meaningful narrative out of it.

i wanna see myself as more susceptible to it or more aware and probably obsessed, or maybe i just have the tools to rationalize it and put it down in speech. haha like im a sensible soul and talented thats why im so troubled!! i remember that example about how a picture of like a balloon in the ground (im making this up but it was kinda like this) can mean so much to us, we see the balloon as lonely, lost. we wonder where it came from, it strayed from a happy child's hand. the child had to rush and let loose the balloon, crying.loss, despair. it can even bring back memories related to those feelings. my point is images are very powerful and i wish i could talk about it more but not in a detached and intelectual environment but in one of factual analysis. we are exposed to so much images everyday and they shape or consciousness most definetly. this has to be a weapon of mass destruction theres no way is not being weaponized and even if im naive enough to think it hasnt already it most definely will at some point

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